Photographer Credits

These photographer credits detail photographers I have worked with who have kindly allowed me to use their images. My sincerest thanks to the beautiful photographers listed here!

Birth Aims Birth Doula Lactation Consultant Blue Mountains

Jerusha Sutton

Doula and Photographer
Photographer Birth Credits

Tara Mahoney

Motherhood In Focus
Photographer Birth Blue Mountains

Lana Hinder

Sleepy Willow Photography

Photographers for birth?

Oftentimes I see women asking why other women would choose to have a photographer at their birth and in their birth space. Questions/comments commonly asked include:

“Isn’t it too many people?”

“Why would you want photos of that?”

“That would be way too expensive!”

“I wouldn’t share them anyway, so why would I want them?”


While I initially thought the same things, my experience has been that having the right photographer in your birth team (as in photographer credits here) can actually make a world of difference! For me, my photographer wasn’t even noticed unless I was in need of her support, and then she was there.


I wanted photos to have a memento of the birth of my child, just as I would for any other massive transition in my life! As for expense, it was so worth it, but only you can decide whether that is the case for you. Though I would ask, if you’re willing to spend money documenting your wedding, why not the moments you first meet and hold your baby? While you may not share some of the images, there are almost certainly some that you’ll want to share far and wide.


If you’re interested, but have questions, get in touch!

Can I help you with anything?

Home Birth Doula Blue Mountains

Birth Doula

Feel held and supported with continuous care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We’ll meet, work through your fears and hopes and create a plan, together. I am on call for your birth and come to you for appointments before and after.

Lactation Consults Nepean

Lactation Consults

Work through your struggles and difficulties breastfeeding. Do you have questions or need support? Lactation consults are so much more than breastfeeding help! Additionally, I can help you with sleep and settling, babywearing, baby massage and more.

Pregnancy Doula Blue Mountains

Birth Planning

Feel informed and empowered to make your own decisions! Let’s work through your birth preferences to create a birth plan! Alternatively, birth classes can help you feel knowledgeable and prepared for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and/or breastfeeding.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

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