Birth Classes

Information and support for empowered decisions

Birth Classes in the Blue Mountains

How can birth classes help you?

Information = Knowledge, Knowledge = Power

Childbirth Classes


Feel empowered, knowledgeable and prepared for all possible situations. 


Childbirth classes can help you learn about what to expect from your body, baby and birth team.


Birth is THE instinctive and intuitive process! Informing yourself of your care options can radically alter your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.


Recognising the hormonal cocktails of pregnancy, labour, birth and mothering can create ease and calm amongst what can often look like chaos.


Feel supported, informed and empowered by being prepared with tools to manage different situations in birth and motherhood. I would love to help you get there!

Birth Doula Lithgow

Birth Class Structure



The beauty of independent childbirth education is that the structure can be adapted to exactly what you need! However, below is a suggested structure for our session(s):


  • Physiology and psychology of birth


  • Empowered birth through informed decision making


  • Practical tools for labour and birth


  • Breastfeeding and Settling: Prepare to Succeed


  • Resources and referrals


  • Whatever else you need!


I offer flexible childbirth classes catered to you. $300 for 8 hour group course, or split up in whatever way suits you best.

Birth Classes Educator


I’ve educated students at University level, have tutored high school students and have home-schooled my own primary and preschool aged children.



I can adapt the content and my teaching methods to different audiences and work with your individual learning style.



My research doctorate has enabled me to read and interpret current research and explain this information to people from a variety of different backgrounds.



I’m a qualified breastfeeding counsellor, having counselled hundreds of women, and breastfeeding my own children for a collective 6 years (and counting).



If you’re motivated and ready to revolutionise your pregnancy, birth and parenting experience, get in touch!

Birth Classes Blue Mountains Educator

Don’t have time for classes?


Perhaps you’d prefer a birth planning session or need a birth doula or lactation consult?

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