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Personal Support
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Personal Support in the Blue Mountains

Personal support throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond can help you feel supported, empowered, informed and connected.

Many new mums feel:


Nervous about labour and birth


Overwhelmed with different advice and perspectives


Unsure about whether they are doing the right things for their baby


Concerned about breastfeeding and settling their baby


Isolated and lonely, not seeing friends and family


Stressed because they don’t have the support they need!

Instead, you can feel:


Empowered and knowledgeable


Ready to embark on a positive experience


Aware of the different options, and confident in your choices


Capable and unruffled in your parenting decisions and strategies


Informed and supported to feed and settle the way you feel is right


Connected to community and other mums

Feel relaxed, knowing you've done all you can towards positive experiences for you and your family

Birth Doula Lactation Consults Nepean

Doula Support

Enter motherhood feeling informed, supported and empowered! Doula personal support includes informational, physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural support, specifically aligned with your family’s needs, throughout your journey.

Lactation Consults

Feel prepared, informed and supported to breastfeed your baby. Lactation consults are provided with all doula packages, but can also be obtained separately, during pregnancy or postpartum for your individualised personal support needs.

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Home Birth Doula Blue Mountains Hawkesbury

Birth Classes

Feel informed, educated and empowered in the decisions you make during pregnancy, birth and postpartum! I provide unbiased, current research and information so that YOU consequently make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Settling and Sleep

Feel supported and prepared to settle your baby. In these sessions we run through normal infant sleep patterns, tools for settling your baby such as babywearing and more!

Settling and Sleep Blue Mountains
Home Birth Doula Nepean

Birth Planning

Feel prepared and confident in your plans for pregnancy, birth and postpartum! Planning for birth enables you to relax in the knowledge that you have made informed, educated decisions ahead of time, for positive experiences.

Women’s Circles

Feel nurtured, prepared and supported by a mother’s blessing. Similarly, experience connection and being heard via a women’s circle. Be initiated into big life transitions with sacred menarche, young women’s circles. These are new personal support services for Birth Aims and are flexible and malleable to what you need.

Women's Circles Blue Mountains Lithgow
Support Groups Blue Mountains

Support Groups

Feel supported and connected to your community through one of our locally run mother’s pregnancy, birth and postnatal support groups. Additionally, build friendships and connections with local families for yourself and your children.

Parenting Resources

Feel informed, confident and ready through access to my personal support and library, full of conception, menarche, pregnancy, birth, parenting and breastfeeding books! Check out the resources pages too, which will link you to support groups, information, websites, facebook pages, research and more.

Birth Classes Childbirth Education

I'd love to support you on your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or parenting journey! Here's how other people have felt with my support.

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