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Lactation Consult Blue Mountains

Do you need a lactation consult in/near the Blue Mountains? For example, are you struggling with cracked nipples, mastitis or issues with positioning and attachment? Similarly, do you need help dealing with oral restrictions, intolerances, settling or sleep? I am a breastfeeding counsellor and have supported hundreds of women on their breastfeeding journeys. Furthermore, I’m training to be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). My experience totals over 800 hours of breastfeeding support and this is my passion! Therefore, I’d love to help you!

A Lactation Consult can help you establish and maintain breastfeeding


Establishing and maintaining breastfeeding isn’t about ‘feeding stations’, pillows and pumps! However, it does have a whole lot to do with the kind of support system you have. Society does not adequately support, normalise and model breastfeeding for us. Consequently, some mums do need additional support.

Lactation Consults Blue Mountains Nepean

Remember, breastfeeding is a full time job! Nonetheless, with the right support, you can do it!


I offer lactation consults to women in the Blue Mountains and surrounds. Specifically, this includes Lithgow down to Nepean and Hawkesbury! Additionally, if you’re outside area, virtual consults via Skype, Facetime or Zoom can be provided. Do you need help?

“Breastfeeding is like learning to dance with a partner who is also new to the steps.” ~ Pinky McKay

Blue Mountains Lactation Consults
Lithgow Lactation Consults

First Appointment

Initial in home lactation consult – $200

Face-to-face or virtual lactation consult (up to 2 hours) providing breastfeeding support including:

  • Detailed consultation with feeding assessment
  • Optimal positioning and attachment
  • Development of a breastfeeding plan
  • Troubleshooting any problems that arise
  • A follow up phone call of up to 30 minutes

Follow Up/Regular Appointment

Follow up in home lactation consult – $100

Follow up face-to-face/virtual lactation consult (up to 1.5 hours) providing breastfeeding support including:

  • Additional feeding assessment consultation
  • Assessment of optimal positioning and attachment
  • Refinement of breastfeeding plan
  • Troubleshooting newly arisen problems
  • A phone call of up to 30 minutes to follow up

Extensions to above appointments

Extensions to in home lactation consult – $75/hr

As added time is sometimes necessary, face-to-face/virtual lactation consults can include:

  • Additional time for feeding assessments
  • Optimal positioning and attachment addressed
  • Extra time to refine breastfeeding plan
  • More troubleshooting of problems that arise

Payment Details

Payment by cash, direct deposit or PayPal transfer (Eftpos not currently available).

Lactation Consults in the Blue Mountains
How can I help?

Lactation Consultations in the Blue Mountains
How can I help?

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