Infant Massage & Baby Yoga Classes

Infant Massage and Baby Yoga Classes in the Blue Mountains

(please note, not currently running!)

Would you love to learn how to massage your infant and do baby yoga in a way that is incredibly beneficial to their development and health? You can undertake a class to learn! Across the span of 4 weeks with a 1 hour class each week, we’ll cover all of the basics of massage and yoga, so you leave feeling confident and capable. These skills can aid development, movement and connection with your baby; I’d love to introduce you to the concepts!


Massage and baby yoga can aid connection, development, movement, sleep and settling!


My classes aren’t just about providing a really lovely experience for your baby (though that is certainly a big benefit!). It’s also about aiding in connection between baby and their parent, improving development and motor skills, assisting with sleep and settling and more! A baby massage and yoga course can be your ticket to so much more than relaxing experiences for your baby. I am a Birthlight trained practitioner with experience across massage and yoga disciplines, and would love to facilitate an environment for you and your baby to learn.

“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant. Food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins.” ~ Frederick Leboyer

Infant Massage and Baby Yoga Blue Mountains

Infant massage and baby yoga classes ~ $200

Four 1 hour classes across multiple weeks

  • Detailed infant massage and baby yoga course with notes
  • Personalised movements dependent on your baby’s circumstances
  • Discussion of physiology and benefits of massage and yoga for baby
  • Parent stretches and yoga built into classes
  • Chances to network and make friends with babies of a similar age
  • Suitable for babies from 4 weeks until pre-mobile (not yet crawling)

Extensions to regular, in home classes – $50/hr

As added time is sometimes necessary, face-to-face/virtual baby massage and baby yoga classes are possible.

  • Additional time for learning certain moves and massage techniques
  • Opportunity to discuss benefits and uses in more depth

Payment by cash, direct deposit or PayPal transfer (Eftpos not currently available).

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