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Feel supported through pregnancy, birth and beyond!
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Birth Doula and Lactation Consultant Services

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Birth Doula

Feel held and supported with continuous care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We’ll meet, work through your fears and hopes and create a plan, together. I am on call for your birth and come to you for appointments before and after your experience.

Lactation Consults Nepean

Lactation Consults

Work through your struggles and difficulties breastfeeding. Do you have questions or need support? Lactation consults are so much more than breastfeeding help! We can work through a feeding plan and touch on sleep and settling support as well.

Pregnancy Doula Blue Mountains

Calmbirth Classes

Feel informed and empowered to make your own decisions! Let’s work through the physiology and psychology of birth together, map out your birth and clear any old, limiting fears to make way for positivity in your experience. Feel knowledgeable and prepared for your birth & postpartum.

Birth Doula and Lactation Consults
Blue Mountains and surrounds


Every woman deserves to enter motherhood feeling informed, supported and empowered – I can help you get there!

Birth Doula and Lactation Consults can help you!

Be at the centre of your birth doula support and lactation consults. 

Do you feel:

  • Overwhelmed by decisions and information?
  • Anxious or nervous about labour and birth?
  • Concerned about new parenthood overwhelm, exhaustion and isolation?
  • Worried about unsettled babies and breastfeeding?

Would you like to feel informed, supported, empowered and connected as you enter motherhood? I can help you! Let’s meet today.

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Birth Doula Blue Mountains
Birth Doula Blue Mountains Home Birth
Lactation Consults Blue Mountains

Feel confident, connected and supported on your motherhood journey


Doula Beliefs and vision

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Aimee, a Birth Doula providing pregnancy, birth and postnatal support and Lactation Consults.

I’ve experienced pregnancies and births that didn’t go to my plan, breastfeeding challenges and the isolation of new motherhood. Conversely, I’ve had ecstatic births, beautiful breastfeeding journeys and felt held, supported and empowered in my experiences. I’m consequently driven to support mothers however I can, wherever they need support, in the full spectrum of their experiences.

Women know how to grow, birth and nurture their babies. Similarly, they are always the most connected and invested in the health and well-being of their babies. Above all, my vision is that all women receive the continuity of care they deserve. Specifically, this includes support, respect, connection, compassion and safety not only during pregnancy, but throughout birth and beyond. However birth happens, it is our rite of passage into motherhood! We therefore deserve for it to be an incredible, empowering, transformational experience.

I’d love to meet you and discuss how I can help you on your journey, whatever it may look like or entail.

Services related to birth Doula support and Lactation Consultations

Settling and Sleep

Infant Massage and Baby Yoga

Settling and Sleep Blue Mountains_SM

Settling and Sleep

Women's Circles Blue Mountains_SM

Women’s Circles

Support Groups Blue Mountains_SM

Support Groups


Feel prepared and excited for your experiences, supported every step of the way!

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