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Feel supported through pregnancy, birth and beyond!
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Birth Doula and Lactation Consultant Services

Blue Mountains Doula Support

Birth Doula

Feel held and supported with continuous care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We’ll meet, work through your fears and hopes and create a plan, together. I am on call for your birth and come to you for appointments before and after your experience.

Blue Mountains Lactation Consultant doula

Lactation Consults

Work through your struggles and difficulties breastfeeding. Do you have questions or need support? Lactation consults are so much more than breastfeeding help! We can work through a feeding plan and touch on sleep and settling support as well.

Blue Mountains Calmbirth Classes

Calmbirth Classes

Feel informed and empowered to make your own decisions! Let’s work through the physiology and psychology of birth together, map out your birth and clear any old, limiting fears to make way for positivity in your experience. Feel knowledgeable and prepared for your birth & postpartum.

Birth Doula and Lactation Consults
Blue Mountains and surrounds


Every woman deserves to enter motherhood feeling informed, supported and empowered – I can help you get there!

Birth Doula and Lactation Consults can help you!

Be at the centre of your birth doula support and lactation consults. 

Do you feel:

  • Overwhelmed by decisions and information?
  • Anxious or nervous about labour and birth?
  • Concerned about new parenthood overwhelm, exhaustion and isolation?
  • Worried about unsettled babies and breastfeeding?

Would you rather feel:

  • Informed and prepared for your experience
  • Knowledgeable of all of your options
  • Supported through each of your decisions
  • Empowered and excited to welcome your baby
  • Connected with community and your birth team
  • Ready to birth and parent your baby YOUR way

Reach out today to discuss how I can help support you to have informed, supported and empowered experiences throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

Blue Mountains Pregnancy Support Doula
Birth Doula Blue Mountains
Birth Doula Blue Mountains Home Birth
Blue Mountains Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Breastfeeding Support

Feel confident, connected and supported on your motherhood journey


Doula Beliefs and vision

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Aimee, a Birth Doula providing pregnancy, birth and postnatal support and Lactation Consults.

I’ve experienced pregnancies and births that didn’t go to my plan, breastfeeding challenges and the isolation of new motherhood. Conversely, I’ve had ecstatic births, beautiful breastfeeding journeys and felt held, supported and empowered in my experiences. I’m consequently driven to support mothers however I can, wherever they need support, in the full spectrum of their experiences.

Women know how to grow, birth and nurture their babies. Similarly, they are always the most connected and invested in the health and well-being of their babies. Above all, my vision is that all women receive the continuity of care they deserve. Specifically, this includes support, respect, connection, compassion and safety not only during pregnancy, but throughout birth and beyond. However birth happens, it is our rite of passage into motherhood! We therefore deserve for it to be an incredible, empowering, transformational experience.

I’d love to meet you and discuss how I can help you on your journey, whatever it may entail.

Services related to birth Doula support and Lactation Consultations

Blue Mountains Infant Massage Classes

Infant Massage and Baby Yoga

Blue Mountains Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies

Support Groups Blue Mountains

Support Groups


Feel prepared and excited for your experiences, supported every step of the way!

Read about what your experience could be like with Aimee’s support

"This was our second time having Aimee as our doula for our home birth. We had such a wonderful experience with Aimee the first time around and her help was so incredible, that there was no question in whether we’d have her again for our second birth.
If you’re reading this wondering whether you should have a doula at your birth, take this as your sign that you absolutely should, and that person should be Aimee! Having Aimee a part of our births has just been such an invaluable experience. She helped in every conceivable way - physically, mentally, emotionally. There was no topic off limits, nothing I felt that I couldn’t share with her. She was such a welcomed face in our home, even our toddler was asking for her after she’d leave! Not only is Aimee extremely knowledgeable and researched in all areas relating to pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding, she is simply such a beautiful person who will make you feel empowered and confident in your body’s ability to birth your baby.
Thank you Aimee for everything you have done for our family x"


"I feel immensely grateful for the support Aimee gave me through my recent pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Right from the beginning Aimee was a calm, reassuring and optimistic ally. I felt significantly more confident that I would be able to have a positive birth and postpartum experience knowing that she was there to support and advocate for me. Having experienced severe postnatal depression and anxiety after my first baby having a plan and knowing I had support made the world of difference to me.

I would 100% recommend her to ANYONE having a baby or needing support with breastfeeding - anything baby related basically! She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has such a natural gift for supporting women."


"I contacted Aimee because I was struggling with very sore nipples, over supply, poor latch, and general emotional support for breastfeeding. She was more than happy to help guide me and explain things in a straight forward and loving way. Quick and easy to contact. Never once did she make me feel incompetent or useless. She's very empowering and knowledgeable and I wish lactation consultants would be more utilized in the birth community among parents, vital support!"


"I cannot recommend Aimee highly enough! As I got closer to my 3rd trimester I realised I really needed more support to help me plan for and have a gentle and natural birth (if possible). When I met Aimee she immediately made me feel comfortable and was so generous with sharing knowledge and resources before we had even signed up. Aimee supported me and my husband to be fully informed, empowered and supported to work with the hospital to have the birth we wanted, unfortunately due to Covid lockdowns Aimee couldn't be at the birth but she provided so much support prior to and after the birth. We had trouble after the birth with our baby loosing weight and struggling with breastfeeding - Aimee was incredible with providing support, advocacy, practical tips, assistance with various equipment and just holding space for us during some very hard times. Six months later I have a gorgeous healthy baby, breastfeeding exclusively and loving every moment. I can say with confidence that if we hadn't had Aimee's support, incredible expertise, love and kindness, the birth of our daughter would have had more intervention and I would not be breastfeeding today. I absolutely would recommend Aimee (Birth Aims) as a doula and as a lactation consultant (IBCLC)."


"Aimee went above and beyond. She was outstanding in all aspects of her service."


"Cannot thank Aimee enough for the help she’s provided. I was having great difficulty feeding on one side with my new baby - Aimee was so helpful in working through the issue. Her ‘technical’ advice and suggestions were brilliant but perhaps most importantly, they were delivered with empathy, kindness and patience - exactly what a tired (and possibly stressed/hurting) new mum needs!"


"I found Aimee through the luckiest Google search of my life! Her professionalism and commitment to women and birth work was clear from her website, and this was one of the reasons I didn’t look any further. Aimee put me at ease from our very first phone call and I knew she would be able to provide the support I needed for my second birth. She has such a comforting and peaceful presence; she holds space for whatever you feel called on to share, and her kindness and readiness to know you and hear you makes her a truly safe confidant throughout pregnancy and postpartum. It’s not easy to talk about a traumatic birth, but her compassion made me feel safe and comfortable from our very first meeting when we discussed my first birth. I had intended a home birth this time but my son had other plans and arrived early and in a big rush at 36 weeks; I presented to hospital just two days before restrictions were lifted so unfortunately Aimee could not be at the birth physically. She was very much there in spirit, though! Her implicit belief in my ability to achieve a VBAC helped build my confidence throughout my pregnancy and when it was go time, I had complete faith in my body. I think a lot of birth preparation is in the mental work, and Aimee’s support and wealth of knowledge opened the door to a complete mindset shift from fear to anticipation. I birthed my son confidently and powerfully, and I came away from the experience beyond proud of myself and so excited for the next one - hopefully with Aimee by my side!"


"Aimee's support during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was truly exceptional. She brought a wealth of knowledge, invaluable experience, and endless patience to my journey becoming a mother for the second time. We will be forever grateful for the kindness and care she showed me and my family - my eldest daughter utterly adores her. Thank you for everything, Aimee!"


"Aimee is amazing. We had such a positive pregnancy and birth experience in large part thanks to her. The post-natal support (including around breastfeeding) was invaluable as well. Aimee is a wealth of information, completely non-judgemental, always supportive and respectful, and so compassionate. Anyone wanting a supported birth experience or considering having a doula should definitely get in contact with Aimee :)"


"Aimee has been an absolute incredible, reliable, kind and loving resource to me since having my baby 11 days ago. I reached out to Aimee during the last few weeks of my pregnancy to go through any potential feeding issues and we went through my previous feeding experiences. On day 3 of having my 3rd baby because I felt overwhelmed with her latching and didn't feel like I had the right technique. I was brought to tears by the amount of feedback I received, Aimee watched how I fed my daughter and gently shared all knowledge and advice with me. Since then we have had such a pleasant experience feeding. I'm so happy I sought out help early on in our feeding journey.
Thank you so much. Anytime I have a problem I know I can reach out to Aimee and she will meet me where I'm at."


"Thank you so much for all your kindness and support during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Thank you for attending one of the most special days of my life; the birth of my second son. You make the most amazing, supportive doula and I wish you all the best with it in the future."


"I can’t thank Aimee enough for her support, encouragement, professionalism and genuine care she showed me when I was so worried about breastfeeding my second child. Aimee provided me with information and guidance to ensure my baby and I had the best start possible for our breastfeeding journey. Because of that I have been breastfeeding for almost 12 months now! I highly recommend anyone needing advice on anything baby/breastfeeding related to contact Aimee, you won’t regret it."


"I am so grateful that Aimee could support River and I during this beautiful but very vulnerable time. River is now 15 weeks old and is still learning how to feed, but doing wonderfully. It is such a great comfort to know that if I ever needed additional support, she is there for me. Aimee is a kind, warm and wonderful person who gifts her knowledge and perspective in such a calm, intelligent & whole person way; I felt truely held. I could not recommend Aimee and all her talents enough!"


"Aimee has been a light in the dark for me when it came to me breastfeeding. She has helped me overcome many obstacles breastfeeding both my girls and been a champion in my corner when I didn’t have the strength to do so. Her knowledge is extensive and helped guide me through tongue ties, combination feeding, low supply, pumping and mastitis. I think what’s always stood out to me is Aimee’s happiness to pass on the knowledge of breastfeeding and belief that our bodies are made to do this and we just need to believe in ourselves, all whilst respecting my choices."


"Aimee has journeyed with me through all three of my pregnancies and two miscarriages. She attended the birth of my second child, caring for my elder child throughout my labour. She is so caring, servant hearted, and willing to help inform and counsel me throughout the birthing journey in every way possible."

Sarah Beck

"I especially valued having Aimee’s support in the immediate time after birth, and her knowledge and beautiful gentle support with breastfeeding made such a difference to me. I had a lot of challenges with breastfeeding the first time around and we had discussed this before my baby’s birth and because of that Aimee could read the situation and the fact I was feeling anxious and she stepped in and guided me with so much compassion and understanding. She stayed with us until we were settled, helping us navigate those golden hours in the a way that was deeply respectful, non intrusive and with just so much genuine care.

I would 100% recommend her to ANYONE having a baby or needing support with breastfeeding - anything baby related basically! She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has such a natural gift for supporting women."


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What types of births do you attend?

I attend all births, whether at hospital or home, private or public. Whatever is most comfortable for you!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, absolutely! If you need support with paying for my services over a period of time then please just let me know!

What is your experience supporting VBAC?

I have supported multiple women on their VBAC journeys both in hospitals and at home. You can read about two VBAC experiences on my blog. I also have personal experience with VBAC, having had two of my own (also on the blog here and here).

Do you replace my partner at birth?

Absolutely not! I would never want to, nor could I, replace your partner in the birth space. My role is to support both of you on your transformational journey, as well as provide advocacy, space holding, setting up the birth space and easing the load. Read more here. 

Can I have a birth only package?

I am always happy to meet families where they’re at and customise packages based on their needs. However, the relationship based care I provide is a significant strength, so I always ask families to include at least one antenatal appointment in their packages.

What other services do you provide?

In addition to birth attendance I can provide lactation support (IBCLC), Calmbirth classes, Spinning Babies/Optimal Maternal Positioning, Birth Mapping, Infant Massage, Babywearing, Debriefing, Ceremonial support, Postnatal preparation and more.  

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