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Birth websites, podcasts and videos are numerous, and sometimes it can be hard to find ones that resonate with you! Take a look below at some high quality, beautiful resources below. As always, if you think there are some missing, let me know!

Websites on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting

With technology today, information is at the click of a button! But sometimes it can be hard to filter through all of the many thousands (millions!) of birth websites, podcasts and videos. When we’re looking for specific, good-quality, evidence-based information, it can help to have a starting point! Below are some websites I have found really helpful on my own journey, I hope you find them helpful too.

Australian Breastfeeding Association_Groups


Australian Breastfeeding Association provides mothers groups – check out their website for connections.

Belly Belly_Groups

Belly Belly

A fantastic Australian website providing up to date information about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Birth Without Fear Websites and Resources


A fantastic website sharing birth stories of all denominations, a great resource for normalising different modes of birth.

Evidence Based Birth Websites and Resources


An American website providing current, unbiased evidence for families to make educated and informed decisions.

Homebirth NSW Logo Web


A Sydney based, non-profit organisation dedicated to improving access to homebirth for Australian women.

Homebirth Australia Logo Web


A homebirth advocacy organisation connecting you with midwives and resources.

Maternity Choices Australia Logo Web


A maternity consumer advocacy organisation providing support, information and advocacy.

Maternity Consumer Network Logo Web


A Maternity Consumer Advocacy organisation providing information, lobbying and advocacy in Australia.

Midwife Thinking Websites and Resources

Midwife Info

Dr Rachael Reed, midwife and researcher, explores current birth and midwifery research and policy.

Mother Baby Sleep Laboratory Websites and Resources

Infant Sleep

Dr James McKenna explores infant sleep, breastfeeding and baby’s physiological and psychologic well-being.

Mothersafe Websites and Resources


A free telephone service for NSW women providing medicine information – (02) 9382 6539

Pregnancy Birth and Baby Websites and Resources


A government supported website supporting parents from pregnancy to preschool – 1800 882 436

Resources for Infant Educarers Websites and Resources


Resources for Infant Educarers – gentle but firm parenting for child authenticity and independence.

Dr Sara Wickham Websites and Resources

Sara Wickham

A website providing hundreds of free research articles and blog posts from a midwifery researcher.

Spinning Babies_L


A useful resource for obtaining optimal positioning for your baby throughout pregnancy, labour and birth.

Beyond Blue Support

Beyond Blue

Addressing issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety and mental illness.

Lifeline Websites and Resources


A NFP providing free, 24-hour Crisis Support in Australia for mental health crises

PANDA Websites and Resources


A free helpline for women, men and their families affected by perinatal anxiety and depression.

You can listen to Aimee on these podcasts and podcast episodes

Mothers for midwives podcast

Podcasts and Videos on pregnancy, birth and parenting

Podcasts can be fantastic resources for sharing birth and parenting stories. Furthermore, the information within helps to normalise birth and life with children. These can be great for women feeling anxious or nervous about birth and parenting, and also for those just interested in listening! Birth videos can be an empowering way to ease yourself into what to expect during birth. Additionally, they can be a wonderful way of familiarising children that you want to be in the birth space with what birth looks and sounds like.

Podcast Links

Birth podcasts

  • Australian VBAC Stories – Interviews with woman and birth professionals about Vaginal Birth After Caesarean.
  • Birthful – Interviews with women and birth professionals to educate and empower.
  • Evidence Based Birth – An exploration of the evidence surrounding different interventions and tests in pregnancy and birth.
  • Fear Free Childbirth – Stories and information shared to take the fear out of birth.
  • Freebirth Society – A number of beautiful birth stories, discussion around different topics and information about unassisted birth options
  • Indie Birth – A gorgeous exploration of various topics surrounding birth as led by two hands-off midwives.
  • Keeping Birth Wild – Conversations with mothers who chose to birth their babies at home.
  • Midwives Cauldron – A podcast exploring birth and breastfeeding interventions and ideas.
  • Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – A podcast exploring from pregnancy to parenting
  • Rockstar Birth Radio – A podcast for women seeking a fabulous birth experience, away from fear.
  • The Birth Hour – Beautiful birth stories of all kinds; hospital, home, freebirth, inductions, caesareans, ecstatic/orgasmic births.
  • The Circle of Birth – Birth stories told from the women’s perspective. This is a great podcast as it is Australia based.
  • The Cord – A mixture of birth stories and informative podcasts with interviews of practitioners from differing modalities.
  • The Great Birth Rebellion – Discussions with birth professionals on the evidence surrounding birth
  • VBAC Birth Stories – Sharing of VBAC birth stories, in hospital and at home, and an exploration of the feelings and thoughts of the women who had them.

Parenting podcasts

  • Beyond Babyhood – Information about breastfeeding and babywearing
  • Doctor Erin’s Podcast – Coaching and help to deal with birth trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and an analysis of different techniques you can use throughout your life and parenting journey.
  • Mothering the Mother – A podcast with mums and health professionals talking about the transformative effect, and importance of the right of passage, of becoming a mother.
  • The Authentic Parenting Podcast – Talking around the importance of healing from our traumas, breaking away from patterns/triggers, finding our authentic voice in parenting and becoming more mindful in order to show up for our children.
  • The Australian Breastfeeding Podcast – A registered midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) interviews new mothers about their experiences with breastfeeding.
  • The Cord – A mixture of birth stories and informative podcasts with interviews of practitioners from differing modalities.
  • The Longest Shortest Time – Informative interviews and down to earth stories about what it’s like to raise little humans.
  • The Gentle Parenting Podcast – A podcast exploring different gentle parenting techniques and how parents deal with various different situations.
  • Unruffled – Discussion around ways to best support your child in a respectful, nurturing way, even in those ‘ruffling’ situations.
  • Your Parenting Mojo – A podcast exploring the science supporting your child’s developmental and learning needs.
Videos and documentaries

Birth Documentaries


  • Birth Time – Looks at issues with the Australian maternity system
  • The Business of Being Born – 1 and 2, looks at issues with maternity system
  • The Face of Birth – Australian documentary outlining the importance of choice
  • These Are My Hours – A documentary that explores labour and birth from the woman’s perspective
  • Why Not Home – Documentary exploring the birth choices of nurses and doctors
  • Orgasmic Birth – An exploration into how love and intimacy can create pleasure in birth
  • The Big Stretch – 2 separate documentaries exploring birth from interviews with women and birthworkers


TED Talks and Birth Information

Birth Videos


Hospital Births

Breastfeeding Support

  • Global Health Media Videos – A fantastic video series providing information about various different aspects of birth, newborn life and breastfeeding. The breastfeeding videos are particularly useful for positioning and attachment and dealing with common complications.
  • The Thompson Method – An alternative method for breastfeeding to those provided in the above videos. Dr Thompson developed this method after watching and researching anatomy of the infant mouth and mother’s breasts.
Birth Time

Birth Time, the documentary, asks the question:

What would it take for women to emerge from their births physically well and emotionally safe?

Three women embark on a mission to find out why an increasing number of women/people are emerging from their births physically and emotionally traumatised.  Their discoveries expose the truth and lead them to join the birth revolution and create this Birth Time education platform that hopes to change the face of maternity care across the world. USE CICADA20 AT CHECKOUT FOR 20% OFF!

** Please note: If you click on the links to Birth Time from this page they are affiliate links – I may earn commission from these sales. **

Birth Time

Birth Doula and Lactation Consultant Services

Blue Mountains Doula Support

Birth Doula

Feel held and supported with continuous care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We’ll meet, work through your fears and hopes and create a plan, together. I am on call for your birth and come to you for appointments before and after your experience.

Blue Mountains Lactation Consultant doula

Lactation Consults

Work through your struggles and difficulties breastfeeding. Do you have questions or need support? Lactation consults are so much more than breastfeeding help! We can work through a feeding plan and touch on sleep and settling support as well.

Blue Mountains Calmbirth Classes

Calmbirth Classes

Feel informed and empowered to make your own decisions! Let’s work through the physiology and psychology of birth together, map out your birth and clear any old, limiting fears to make way for positivity in your experience. Feel knowledgeable and prepared for your birth & postpartum.

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