I recently jumped on the Dubsado bandwagon and now, 4 months later, am fully converted! Dubsado is a Customer Relationship Management system which you can set up to automate various different aspects of your business such as invoicing, payments, emails, forms, service agreement signing and more! It is flexible and customisable to your needs and those of the women you support, and it’s seriously the best thing since sliced bread!


What I love about Dubsado:

My favourite things are:

  1. It’s EASY to use, once you have it set up ready to go everything just floooows (with the workflow)
  2. Saves me TIME! Initially I wasn’t sure about the investment, $30 a month is pretty big, right? Then I sat down and worked out that this would save me at least 5 hours a WEEK…I’m not sure what your hourly rate is, but mine is certainly more than $1/hr! Consider it in terms of the time it’ll save and how much that time costs.
  3. It keeps track of all of the bits and pieces along the way. Forgotten how to get to someone’s address? No worries! Dubsado has you covered!
  4. The workflows allow me to automate some of the important emails, like providing information at various different points in pregnancy for different tests, measurements, concerns or ideas. I LOVE this feature, because it means that the women are well informed and able to make their plans, and it leaves time for us to talk around and outside of the basic information.
  5. It sorts out payments!! Oh my GOODNESS, I used to spend hours a week invoicing, sorting payments, chasing up payments, providing receipts…Now, it’s literally done in the click of a button (I chose not to rely on PayPal/Swipe, but that would make it even easier!).

But there’s more to love!

My favourite, favourite part is the ‘client’ (I don’t like that word) portal! This is where the women can access all of the details I have collected from them, the emails we’ve shared, Dubsado service agreements, birth plans and more! Plus, you can sign up with affiliate links and provide your friends savings, discounts and gifts! If you want to sign up, give me a buzz ????????

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Who am I?

Hello, I’m Aimee! I support women and their families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. I am a qualified and experienced Doula and breastfeeding counsellor, providing support in the Blue Mountains and surrounds. I’d love to meet you for an obligation free catch up! Contact me here.


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