Women's Circles Blue Mountains ~ Birth Aims Doula
Birth Aims offers Blue Mountains girls and women the opportunity to take part in Women's Circles including Mother's Blessings and Sacred Menarche Ceremonies to honour big life transitions and rights of passage, and provide connection, support and love. These ceremonies are otherwise known as menstruation ceremonies, blessingway, baby shower, mother's circles, coming of age ceremonies and are for young women or maidens, their mothers and matriarchs, to honour the beginning of menstruation, the birth of a baby and the early postnatal period.
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Women’s Circles

Honouring rights of passage

Women’s Circles Blue Mountains can help you to feel held, supported and connected! Circles are intimate gatherings where together, we learn new ways of connecting. We speak, support and discover more about ourselves and one another. This is done in a safe, held and supportive space. Ceremony is a beautiful way of acknowledging large transitions. While we have retained ceremony for transitions such as graduation, marriage and the birth of a new baby, many of our traditional ceremonies have been lost. Let’s bring them back!

In today’s society, ceremony is increasingly important! We must slow down, acknowledge and celebrate our life transitions for what they truly are. Momentous rights of passage that hold the power to fundamentally change everything.

Sacred Menarche Ceremonies

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What are they?

These ceremonies provide mentorship, initiation and welcoming of young women into womanhood. We do this, together, through the act of shared, connected ceremony.

Women’s Circles Blue Mountains ceremonies can be conducted in preparation for menarche (the first menstrual period) or after menstruating has begun.

My core belief is empowerment through knowledge. I believe the more we know, the more powerful and in control of our own lives we can be.

Young women are encouraged to attend circles with a female mentor or parent. They are always welcome to bring their friends if they feel called to do so.

What’s involved?

Sacred Menarche Ceremonies are catered to the individual, so length varies. However, they cost $200 per pair and typically run for 4-6 hours. During this time, we cover areas including:

  • The hormonal cycle
    • Cycles and the moon, how are they connected?
    • Feelings and how they are linked to hormones
    • Why your menstrual cycle is AMAZING
  • An exploration of normal biological function in women
    • Signs of ovulation and menstruation
    • Normal cervical mucous
    • How to track your cycle (You don’t have to guess!)
    • Sanitary items – what are your options?
  • The anatomy of a woman
    • Vulvas and vaginas, what’s the difference?
    • What is the cervix and where? Why do we have one?
    • Uterus and reproductive organs, they are INCREDIBLE!
  • Birth control/contraceptives, are they necessary?
    • How to make informed decisions using the BRAIN acronym
    • Control – it’s in YOUR hands
    • Consent – who’s body is it anyway?
  • Ceremonial tasks combined with learning to your needs
    • Creating a ‘moon-box’ for you
    • Making a cycle tracking bracelet
    • Honouring maternal lineage and/or important mother figures
    • Crossing the threshold ceremony
    • Singing and readings
    • Art on paper or the body, clay molding and others

Mother’s Blessing Ceremonies

Nepean Doula Pregnancy Support

What are they?

These ceremonies provide connection, blessings, well-wishes and preparation for the transition to becoming a mother. Mother’s blessings can be conducted for first or subsequent babies.

They provide an alternative to a traditional baby shower! While maintaining the opportunity for connection and showering with love, the focus is on the mother. Mother’s blessings reorient the ceremony to create support, love and practical resources as needed.

They are typically conducted in the last weeks of pregnancy. This is fantastic in preparation for birth and the early postnatal period.

What’s involved?

Mother’s blessings usually run for ~4-6 hours and cost $200 plus any materials required. Mother’s blessings can take on whatever form and ceremonial aspects the mother desires. They include but are not limited to:

  • Hand fasting/womanly connections
  • Sharing of positive stories surrounding birth and the early postnatal period
  • Poems, readings and well-wishes
  • Creation of a birthing necklace
  • Art on paper, mother’s belly or hands, or via clay molds
  • Sound immersion and singing
  • Creation of birth bunting/affirmation cards for the birth space
  • Honouring maternal lineage
  • Sharing of food and the creation of meal trains
  • Practical help to create or set up a birth space or prepare for the birth
  • Dedications of help for mother in early postnatal period